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The cool weather is coming, fall leaves are falling and pumpkin picking is only a few weeks away. It is officially fall. It is also the beginning of flu season.

Before it comes into full swing, prevention is available to keep your body immune from the influenza virus. By getting an annual flu vaccination, chances of getting the flu are significantly reduced and you lessen the chance of spreading it to others.

Flu vaccinations are needed every year whether you are a patient getting your annual flu vaccine or it is your first year receiving the vaccine. With the influenza virus constantly changing, vaccinations are helpful in targeting the specific virus as it changes from year-to-year.

Below are answers to some common questions when considering the flu vaccination.

How do I know if I need a flu vaccination?

Although everyone can benefit from receiving a flu vaccination, there are a few health and age factors which increase a person’s risk of getting the flu and developing complications. If you have any of the following, the flu vaccination is highly recommended.

  • People with certain medical conditions (asthma, diabetes, chronic lung disease)
  • Pregnant women
  • People ages 65 +

Also, it is strongly encouraged for those who work as a health care provider to receive their yearly flu vaccination.

What type of vaccine should I get?

There are different vaccinations depending on your health status and age.

  1. The typical flu shot
    1. A regular flu shot for ages 6 months +
    2. An intradermal flu shot for ages 18-64
    3. A high-dose flu shot for ages 65 years +
  1. The Nasal Spray flu vaccine which is used for healthy people ages 2-49.

When should I get vaccinated?

Right Now! Flu season begins in October and it is most beneficial to get the flu shot before it begins spreading. It takes approximately two weeks for the antibodies in the vaccination to provide protection against the influenza virus.

Where do I go to get a vaccination?

Flu vaccines are easily found in your community. Your primary care provider and local pharmacy are good places to start. This link http://vaccine.healthmap.org/ can also assist you in locating a flu vaccine location near you.

Don’t let the flu get in the way of your holiday fun. Take early precautions and keep your body healthy during this season.

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